• Small group up to 10 pax

  • Wonderful knowledgeable and friendly tour guide

  • Personalized and private tours

  • Sightseeing to places of your interest/preference



Have you seen all the highlights of Prague already and you are interested in more? Would you like to see places that are usually hidden to the eyes of a visitor ad experience how Prague citizens live? We will show you dark sides of Prague marked with communistic history as well as the most beautiful resident areas of the city…


If you want to run away from the city for a while and wish to see the countryside, you won’t be disappointed. There are so many beautiful places in our country and as the travel agencies offer always the same tours, we would like to offer you trips to non-touristic places or places that are usually visited by locals.


Would you like to forget being a tourist and become a native for 1 to 3 days or the whole week? We will be happy to prepare special itinerary according to your wishes and interest.


Here are some ideas:


1) Bohemian Paradise – unspoilt countryside, beautiful castles and rocks

2) Czech lakes – enjoy a summer day at a Czech lake, dinner sausages made on fire in the garden, sleep in a wooden bungalow like a scout

3) Medieval towns in Southers Bohemia as Telc or Slavonice, during this visit you will have an opportunity to paint ceramics in a little southern bohemian village Mariz (famous for ceramics) and make your own souvenir!!!

4) Moravien castles vineyards – visit UNESCO sides, visit Moravian vineyards learn about Moravian wine, drink and eat and simply enjoy like and much more.


  • Do you prefer to have your own personal itinerary? Let us know your group size and what tour preference(s) is/are and we will help customise your own personalised tour to fit your budget. Get creative - mix and match what you prefer from our tour options/ itinerary. Contact us here for personalised tours and special price offer.

Special Prague Tours

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